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Donald J. Trump's Lack of Sympathy and Empathy 

As this writing, the United States has had over 70,000 deaths related to the coronavirus pandemic and to help the public deal with their pain and suffering, former President George W. Bush released a video called, "Empathy and Simple Kindness" that expressed the remorse and pain of all of us during these trying times. 

The video at the same time illustrates the lack of sympathy and empathy of the current President Donald J. Trump. But why is he this insensitive? Trump has called for the premature opening of America and is not understanding why most Americans are hesitant in patronizing malls and businesses, anyway. He wants to see the pandemic end because he never believed that Americans could handle the responsibility, and wants the ordeal to be over with at the expense of the care workers and general public who have lost loved ones. 

But the simple truth is there is not enough beds and medical care professionals to be able to handle all those who will need the care. We simply need to give it more time and stay home.