multiple choice.

multiple choice.

multiple choice 1. 

Mafia Man at Night Black and White

Which of the following movie genres interests you most?

1. Action Films
2. Horror Films
3. Comedy Films
4. Romantic Films

Horror Films

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Which of the following school topics interests you most?

1. History 
2. Math
3. Language arts
4. Science

Language arts


Which of the following daily activities interests you most?

1. Eating 
2. Sleeping
3. Cuddling
4. Socializing 


Street Art

Which of the following type of art interests you most?

1. Drawings
2. Photographs
3. Paintings 
4. Sculptures 


Reading a Newspaper

Which of the following reading interests you most?

1. Books
2. Magazines 
3. Newspapers 
4. Comics


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Which of the following thinking activities interests you most?

1. Later-thinking puzzles
2. Philosophical quandaries 
3. Math problems 
4. Riddles 

Philosophical quandaries 

Fantasy Gaming

Which of the following fantasy worlds interests you most?

1. Middle-earth
2. Oz 
3. Neverland
4. Wonderland


Hurricane Damage

Which of the following natural disasters interests you most?

1. Earthquakes 
2. Hurricanes 
3. Volcanoes
4. Tornados 


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Which of the following dancing interests you most?

1. Ballroom dancing 
2. Country & western dancing 
3. Swing dancing
4. Hip-Hop dancing 

Swing dancing 

Image by Markus Spiske

Which of the following spectator sports interests you most?

1. Watching baseball
2. Watching football
3. Watching basketball
4. Watching hockey 

Watching basketball